Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has the statutory task to check whether patent attorneys exercise their profession properly. That is why the Supervisory Board is entrusted with disciplinary jurisdiction for the profession.

At the moment the Supervisory Board consists of the following people:

Chair:   A.J.W. Hooiveld LL.M. MSc
Secretary:   J.C. Volmer MSc

L.A.C.M. van Wezenbeek LL.M. MSc
P.H. van Deursen Ph.D.
F.A.T. van Looijengoed LL.M. MSc

Acting members:   J.J. Hutter Ph.D. MSc
Ms J.J.M. Verbart MSc
H.Th. van den Heuvel MSc
Ms N.M. Derix Ph.D.
Ms A.M.A. Rovers MSc









Supervisory Board of the Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys
PO Box 96979
2509 JJ The Hague
Telephone +31 (0)6-24 98 61 34


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