Vacancies and trainee posts

On this page you will find an overview of vacancies and trainee posts at companies and patent agencies. Do you have a vacancy you would like to announce? If so, please e-mail the secretariat of the Institute.

Vacancies and trainee posts within companies

- De Vries & Metman Eindhoven 2 patent attorneys

- TNO Patent attorney
- Mainstay IP Dutch and European patent attorney
- Deltapatents Patent attorney (trainee)
- Deltapatents Eindhoven/Leiden Patent attorney
- V.O. Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Den Bosch and Leuven trainees
- V.O. Eindhoven and Leuven European patent attorney
- V.O. Den Bosch European Patent attorneys

- FrieslandCampina Wageningen IP Director designate.
- Inncive Spain, Patent attorneys
- TomTom Amsterdam Manager, patent engineering.